Curated > "Push Me Pull You; The Horse with No Ass"

"Push Me Pull You; The Horse with No Ass"
Curated by Alice Clements

Charlie James Gallery
November 1 - December 20, 2014

The comedy of the Pushmi-pullyu in the children’s story of Dr. Doolittle is built in – the animal has two front ends and no back end. This is a show that explores physical comedy--comedy that is of and about the body, extending to the “body” of materials and the physical context of the art world – its white cubes and formal conventions.
Approaches to physical comedy in the show include jokes or games that use scale or the medium of the proposal, elaborate systems with humorous elements and outcomes, and working with materials in a way that produces humor in tiny subtle ways. This comedy is simultaneously literal and nuanced and is based on a careful observation of the physical world.

Josh Callaghan
Roger Dickes
Amy Green
Kristi Lippire
Christopher Michlig
Stephanie Taylor
Matt Wardell